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Gavin Sharples Keynote Speaker for Hire


Need to Book or Hire Gavin Sharples Keynote Speaker for your next event.

Gavin Sharples has been called: a maverick, crazy, mad, intense, outspoken and creative, nice guy, not normal, naughty and passionate.

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Contact details to Book or Hire Gavin Sharples Keynote Speaker for your next event.

Gavin Sharples’ titles include: son, brother, student, captain, drop-out, shit stirrer, detective sergeant, real estate agent, insurance broker, body guard, entrepreneur, boss, national training manager, consultant, author, comedian, friend, husband, and his greatest achievement – DADDY! (any idiot can be a father)

Gavin is also SA’s biggest, busiest, most sought after platform speaker (undisputed fact), and regarded asone of the Big 3. While others claim these facts, Gavin’s calendar, results and feedback are available for verification.

GAVIN attains “outstanding” ratings from delegates 90% of the time (5% no responses, and the other 5% from conservatives who’s ideas were challenged and they disliked him for it). He has been on the speaking circuit since 1994 locally and internationally and speaks to over thousands of people in a year and gets standing ovations from coast to coast.

Gavin Sharples will always provide a “take home” message that can be used to get results immediately. Having run his own companies and worked with hundreds of corporate clients, he delivers meaningful messagesand can pick up on any event or other speaker’s activities on the agenda and build on a theme thereby giving more value to the whole event and cementing other ideas.

GAVIN SHARPLES is about change, innovation and doing things differently. He has easy, practical but certainly different ideas that work by liberating others’ uniqueness. Breaking the ordinary and thinking out of the box is what he does best. He has also been described as a special, down to earth human being, committed to helping others succeed in life.

By being his natural self, Gavin hopes that people are able to realise that they are good enough to be “themselves”.Gavin believes the greatest gift you can give anyone is to be yourself. His life is about helping others LIVE theirs and his passion is to help you succeed in yours.

Gavin is not a “motivational speaker” (“It’s a silly name, a naff concept and impossible to achieve”) but a powerful “AWARENESS  SHIFTER”, and IS THE FOUNDER OF THE S.A. CONSCIOUSNESS MOVEMENT.Gavin is determined to help ordinary people achieve BIG things and realize BIG dreams by telling it like it is.

Gavin Sharples interacts well with groups as diverse as primary and high school children, teachers, varsity students, lecturers, professors, doctors, engineers, accountants, cleaners, clerks, cops, Supreme Court Judges, junior admin clerks, junior or senior management, sales teams, service departments, black white or mixed audiences.

Gavin can design, theme, and host entire conferences including placing and advising on the correct speakers for your event, and with dozens of talks, new ideas every day and a style that gets through – you know it’ll be fresh, new and inspiring.

So, if you would like to die an original, and not a carbon copy, or would like to take home a number of thought-provoking BIG ideas for getting results …….. open your mind, and “rehtnik yuor tnhiknig” get GAVIN SHARPLES in for your next event.

Contact details to Book or Hire Gavin Sharples Keynote Speaker for your next event.


Introduction to Gavin

Contact details to Book or Hire Gavin Sharples Keynote Speaker for your next event.


What you are about to hear is not for the faint-hearted. Gavin Sharples challenges people to re think their thinking.  To not just think but to do it“out of the box”, to change, to innovate and to create or to “chink”!  Gavin, the founder of the “chinking” movement is not normal!

He has dealt with hundreds of the top SA and International companies and has travelled over 300 000 km’s spreading his word.

Labeled “the Maverick of public speaking”, he has been called “crazy, intense, outspoken, creative, not normal and passionate”and definitely “different”. His travels have taken him to the USA, Europe, Australia and Southern Africa, and he has appeared in numerous business publications, including the Business Times.

It is difficult to give him a title as he has had so many! Some of them include Son, Brother, Student, Captain, Drop-out, Shit Stirrer, Detective Sergeant, Real Estate Agent, Insurance Broker, Body Guard for Gloria Estefan, Bon Jovi, The Rolling Stones, Duran Duran, Lionel Ritchie, Entrepreneur, Boss, National Training Manager, Consultant, Speaker, Author, Comedian, Friend, Husband and his greatest achievement – DAD!

So, if you would like to die an original and not a carbon copy, or would like to take home a number of thought provoking different ideas for getting results, open your mind, re-think your thinking and put your hands together for …… Gavin Sharples.


Contact details to Book or Hire Gavin Sharples Keynote Speaker for your next event.



Contact details to Book or Hire Gavin Sharples Keynote Speaker for your next event.

Economic slump — BRING IT ON!

In this New action keynote Gavin “action man” Sharples, in his unique way, tells it like it is and how to be up in a down world.
If you are tired of the doom and gloom, tired of the moans and groans, tired of the negative, depressing predictions of the canteen visitors, then

BRING IT ON is the perfect antidote.

In this action packed keynote Gavin will demonstrate, show, tell, explain and laugh his way to:

  • The three action secrets to turning the economic slump into an      economic boom;
  • How to save hundreds of thousands in monthly expenses, (and jobs) by doing and enforcing      one simple action;
  • How to close more business, make new customers, and make oodles of money      by using the one secret action      of the greatest salesman in the world;
  • How to have a financially secure      staff who will perform better, stress less, and have happier attitudes.      This one action will put you in      front of the line to get your own money;
  • Stop thinking outside the box, it’s not working! The time has come      to do it outside the box;
  • Having an attitude to face almost      anything, whilst looking at any      challenge with the attitude – bring it on!
  • Discover your and your team’s      greatest gift and the one thing      that differentiates you from the rest. It cannot be copied and is      your secret weapon.


In this Action Keynote, Chinking is all about Change in Action!

  • Ever wonder why initiatives don’t last and hardly ever work?
  • Wonder how to get your people to change and to accept changes in the organization?
  • Tired of the same old ideas and ”boring” presentations on change?
  • Are you really serious about doing something different or are you just paying lip service?
  • Have you got the temperament to really do something different?

Then the CHINKING Action Keynote is just for you.
In approximately 70 minutes you will get an inspiring, funny, emotional talk filled with ideas to inspire results and get people to understand and perhaps even welcome Change.

CHINKING will show you:

  • The  foundation to all successful companies, industries and people.
  • The results of our life long course in conformity.
  • How to discover and laugh at, and with each other, at our weird, common, experiences that make us resistant to change.

CHINKING gives practical action solutions.

  • How to BE THE CHANGE, shows that until a change takes place in the individual the company stays the same.
  • How to identify the two basic personality types in the company and how to CHINK to the one that works.
  • How to give staff a massive check up from the neck up and change the most important part of their game.

CHINKING can be tailored to address sales, service, change management, performance or any other issue your company might be going through. This is done by aiming all the examples at the issues at hand. 



Section 8 is all about the Actions required to really make a difference, such as -integrity, courage, commitment, risks, thinking out of the box and being different.

This 75 minute presentation introduces you to SECTION 8 people. Section 8 people are M.A.D. People who are Making A Difference. People who take Action. Section 8 looks at the attributes of people who have and are changing our world in business and life and explains the steps to become a Section 8.

What do people like Mandela, De Klerk, Branson, Mother Theresa, Chris Barnard, Ghandi & Bannister have in common? They have all M.A.D. (Made A Difference). You don’t however have to be famous to be a Section 8. Section 8 people come from all walks of life and anyone who makes a difference is a Section 8. (A realisation or action that moves people).

What are Section 8’s?

  • Section 8’s do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.
  • Section 8’s persist and let their gifts touch others.
  • Section 8’s have honour, serious fun and make a difference.
  • Section 8’s understand what it takes to go the extra mile and make a difference.
  • Section 8’s take ownership, are      accountable and have integrity.
  • It’s about building relationships
  • Section 8?s use Maverick Marketing (sales), have Big Moment Temperament (for service) and lead from behind (management).
  • Section 8’s go the extra mile because of who they are and how it makes them feel.
  • Section 8’s don’t complain, they identify the challenge and fix it.
  • Section 8’s have the courage to action their convictions.


This effective, relevant and practical 60 min. presentation reveals the BIG 5 Sales Actions that are required to double sales results.

GAVIN SHARPLES has taken Africa’s Big 5 and used their characteristics, instincts and behaviours to demonstrate what it takes to succeed in a modern day urban jungle. Most sales talks make sales out to be a complex, lie down and take an aspirin process. Sales are easy if you have these five action steps. These ideas are so powerful others have copied them, which is proof enough that they really work.

So what’s in it for you?

  • TheBuffalo– The most intense of the big five and his 3 behaviours that will guarantee sales results.
  • The Rhino – Has been around for over 40 million years and has habits and actions that millionaire sales people      use.
  • The Elephant – The wisest and real king of the jungle. Learn what really sells and what people really buy. Not even Sales Managers know the stuff that doubles sales.
  • The Leopard – The stealth hunter that does change it’s spots will teach how to generate more leads than you can imagine.
  • The Lion – This closer will in one short game teach how to negotiate and get truck loads more business.

Money back Guarantee

Use these actions (and show proof thereof, most companies never follow through with the action steps) for 90 days and see no major change in the sales results and you get your money back. Activate the guarantee and get the results and my fee double or you pay me 10% of all additional profits.

Intensive Process Option

This is also available in a workshop process over 6 months. Each module lasts two hours and is delivered monthly with measurables.

Contact details to Book or Hire Gavin Sharples Keynote Speaker for your next event.

THE 3 STEPS 2 – 2010                                                                                      

At last a 3 step system that is easy to understand, simple to implement and really works.

So now you really can have what you want!  How you want it!  When you want it!  With the simple 3 steps 2 ….. 2 HOUR WORKSHOP or 1 HOUR KEYNOTE ACTION PRESENTATION.  3 Steps 2 Action Tool available for each delegate for the Workshop.

“3 STEPS 2” is a simple but powerful 3 step plan to achieve anything from sales targets, business objectives, health, wealth, wisdom, love, joy and abundance, in abundance.

Sound unbelievable?   Imagine being able to make any result come true and if it doesn’t, knowing what went wrong and how to fix it.

The 3 STEPS will show …

  • How to choose and achieve any outcome
  • Why people don’t achieve their objectives
  • How to discover what they really want and why
  • For the first time how to link staff dreams to company objectives to motivate staff to want to be at work and try their best because they see the win-win
  • How to create your day to day life and take control of it
  • How to create and execute a plan
  • The single biggest technique to explain any concept and get people to remember it.
  • The proven method to continuously action your projects

Hey! This is the one that will blow your hair back!

3 Steps allows you to..

  1. Say and do what you want
  2. When and how you want
  3. In three simple steps

In a world of immediate gratification, instant results and deadlines …………. 3 Steps 2 is a quick, clever, practical and fun way to achieve any business or personal “goal”.



“FUNtastic” Race based on the TV programme “The Amazing Race”

Basics Camp – Military Style relationship building.

Facilitating and Fun Master for local as well as international events

In house / Conference room – “PRACTICAL THEORY” Games and Quiz.


Presentation Requirements


Hire costs are for the Client’s / PCO’s account.

Gavin has his own laptop



All Equipment is to add to the experience and professionalism.

Gavin is able to speak without visual aids – requires flipchart & pens.


Contact details to Book or Hire Gavin Sharples Keynote Speaker for your next event.

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Contact details to Book or Hire Gavin Sharples Keynote Speaker for your next event.

Contact details to Book or Hire Gavin Sharples Keynote Speaker for your next event.


Click Here To Book or Hire Gavin Sharples Keynote Speaker for your next Event 

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