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WolfPack Rentals

  • Street: 4 Loop Street
  • City: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Servicing Area: Nationwide
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  • Listed: September 3, 2015 5:34 pm
WolfPack Rentals
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WolfPack customised brand-spaces offer endless, flexible possibilities. Your brand will be the focal point at any event. This is experiential marketing with massive impact. Quick to deploy and set up, easy to own or lease.

About Us

WolfPack Rentals is a team of dynamic and innovative individuals with a wide spectrum of skill-sets; brand marketers, designers and construction professionals.This dynamic allows us to create concepts, designs and products that are challenging the norm. Our team of designers and marketing professionals are there to enable any brand to make a memorable impact.

Run with the Pack
• Reach out to us about your ideas or any of our concepts
• We let you know the price ranges
• Together we identify the purpose of the unit
• You allocate a budget
• We design the concept
• You approve the design
• We will give you accurate costing
• You give approval of final design and cost
• We go through design refinement over 3 weeks
• We build within 8 weeks
• We conduct thorough testing for 1 week

Custom Designs with Flexible Branding
All units are custom designed from the ground up – fully customised for each event and tailored to suit your needs and aspirations. Peripherals can also be swapped and adjusted before any event, giving you a fresh approach or freedom to try something new.

All branding is updateable and interchangeable. This allows the Marketer to easily update their brand image at any time. As an agency, you have the flexibility of swapping brands out easily when re-using the units for multiple brands.


Our Services

Exhibition Units

WolfPack Mobile Exhibition units allows you to extend your brands reach to any audience. Fun and sophisticated, gives yourself the ability to easily relocate to the next event; the WolfPack Mobile Exhibition unit gives you the edge.

Using cutting edge technology and high-quality features, our Mobile Exhibition units stands out from the crowd. You can ensure that your exhibition is providing a consistent and lasting experience.

Ideal for the Exhibitionist Who is Always on the Go

For those who always find themselves in a new location, your WolfPack
Mobile Exhibition unit packs up easily thanks to the addition of hydraulic folding arms, your Mobile Exhibition unit folds and is ready to be transported to the next event. As a shipping container, leverage your existing logistics network to extend your brands reach.

Our Mobile Exhibition designs are 3 m, 6 m and 12 m long fully customisable brand experiences. Our design team focuses on creating the best experience in a fully branded space.

Standardised Brand Experiences

Standardise your brand experience for all customers and locations. By implementing a standard design, you can ensure that your brand message is consistent no matter where you next event takes you.

Because our units are highly customisable, you can change or update all of
your units as you see fit – follow the seasons or embrace the new year with a new standardised brand experience.

With new vinyl options, we can completely adapt the structure to fit your requirements and theme.

Housing Units

Mobile and Modular Housing Deploy a home to any location, or deploy a group of units for a pop-up hotel or to house a temporary work force.
Using cutting-edge technology and high-quality finishes, our Mobile and Modular Housing units give you all the niceties and luxuries of a traditional home while thinking outside the ‘box’.

Ideal for Travellers, Campers, Glampers or the Hotelier
Give yourself the ability of enjoying new scenery throughout the year.

Following the seasons or going from beach to bush, a WolfPack Mobile Housing unit gives you the freedom to blaze your own trail.
Your WolfPack Mobile Home easily packs up thanks to the addition of hydraulic folding arms. Simply open our app on your smartphone, engage
the folding capabilities of your mobile home – ready to be transported to your next location.

Due to their modular nature and ability to house several adults, the Mobile and Modular home gives you the ability to deploy and comfortably house your workforce in any location or event.Comfortable and with all the niceties of home included, your workforce can retire peacefully and comfortably into their own space.

Go Mobile and Eco-Friendly
Automation of the whole housing unit is available, with awnings, drop down curtains, lights and hydraulics all to work off your smartphone.
We can take your housing solution off the grid with solar panels, gas heating/ cooking, and interior plumbing. Reduce your footprint whenever you go and wherever you stay.

Full Customisation
Our Mobile and Modular Housing designs are fully customisable living experiences – our design team focuses on creating the best comfort while
maximizing space utilisation.

All of our options are completely customisable; have one 1 side dropping with 4 beds and a living upstairs area, or go for your own a combination to make the perfect space for you.

We can develop the perfect housing solution for you, in line with your budget and your taste.

Hospitality Units

Taste Success
Good taste knows no boundaries and neither do our hospitality units, enabling the culinary professional to extend their reach to any location.
Adding a touch of fun and sophistication while giving you the ability to easily relocate to the next event, WolfPack gives you the edge with:
• Mobile Bars
• Mobile Coffee Shops
• Mobile Café’s
• Mobile Bakeries
• Mobile Ice-Cream Parlours
Using cutting edge technology and high-quality features, our Mobile Hospitality units stand out from the crowd and ensures you are always giving a consistent and lasting experience.
Ideal for Music Festivals, Carnivals, Sporting or Corporate Events
Take your brand to any event, either on the grid or off. With fully selfsustaining units making use of solar power and gas heating – maintain your
brand experience in any location.

Provide a consistent experience no matter where you deploy, always standing out and literally towering above your competitors. With our doublestorey option, service clients downstairs and let them enjoy your food or beverages with the view from the second floor lounge.

Mouth Mobility
For those who always find themselves in a new location, your WolfPack Hospitality unit easily packs up thanks to the addition of hydraulic folding arms. Your Mobile Hospitality unit folds and is ready to be transported to your next event. Our Mobile Hospitality designs are 3m, 6m and 12m long fully customisable brand experiences. Our design team focuses on creating the best culinary experiences in a fully branded space.


Retail Units

Pop-Up Again and Again
Taking the pop-up store to a new level, you can open your pop-up store again and in any location with ease. Simply engage the automatically folding unit, load it up and pop-up somewhere new. High quality finishes coupled with a unique approach, take your designs to customers in any location.

As Fashionable as Your Brand
Using cutting edge technology in a fully-branded retail store, remain fashionable while exuding your style confidently. Being mobile, stay off the grid and power your Mobile Retail store with solar power. Go green and go mobile – now that’s fashionable!


Purchasing a unit

A Unit of Your Own
Owning your own mobile brand experience is simple. We work with your team to design and build your own unique unit, giving you a unit that is fully customised for you. Your unit automatically folds and packs as a standard shipping container, enabling you to easily load it onto any vehicle that can carry a shipping container. This means that your existing logistics chain can facilitate your marketing efforts, without any major changes or hassles.

Within Your Budget
Our units are always designed according to your budget. Whether you want to think big or have a more straight-forward requirement, we will customise your unit while keeping costs in mind.

Financing Flexibility

For those who would like greater financing flexibility, you can reach out to your bank and use their existing asset financing options to finance
your unit. Similar to financing a motor vehicle, financing a WolfPack Mobile Branding experience could not be easier.


Leasing a unit

Leasing Options
We have two options available for those who do not wish to purchase their own unit; daily rentals or long-term leasing. Both options are customisable and full-branded experiences.

Daily Rentals gives you the flexibility to test the waters before making any commitments. Lease a unit for a specific event, exhibition or festival without the need for a large upfront investment.
Long-term Leasing goes one step further by securing a unit for an extended period of time. This works well for roadshows or multiple events/festivals within a season.

Our Leasable Units
The Mobile Bar: Lease one of our Mobile Bars for a specific event, music festival or sport/corporate event. We will fully customise the unit for
your brand identity and to your specifications. The Mobile Exhibition Unit: Lease on of our Mobile Exhibition Units for a tradeshow or a set of exhibitions within a season. We will fully customise the unit for your brand identity and to your specifications.




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