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Lounge Around – Event Furniture Hire / Rentals

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ProGroup Manufacturing – Exhibition Stands

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Candice Botha – Celebrity MC for Hire

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Advice on Corporate Event Planning

| Articles | August 22, 2012

Corporate events are one of the best ways to have face time with existing and potential clients and disseminate information on your products or services at the same time. These events are often elaborate affairs, offering attendees a good mix of entertainment, food and beverage and plenty of educational and promotional materials. However, they also require a good bit of planning to ensure a smooth, successful event.

Plan Far Ahead

When it comes to event planning of any kind, planning is key. However, because corporate events have a certain standard to which they are held, it is important to plan as far ahead of the event as possible. Many event planners start at a year, sometimes two, when organizing a corporate event. While it may seem like this is excessive, the time involved to hammer out logistics, book speakers and entertainment and corral invitees is time consuming. Moreover, because responses to participate in corporate events tends to trickle in, the earlier you start, the better chance you have at making it a successful event.

Stick To Your Timeline

Once you set a timeline of tasks, it is important to stick to it. In many instances, because it seems as though your corporate event is still months and months away, the to-do list takes a back seat to other tasks. However, the closer you get to a corporate event without certain elements crossed off the list, the more likely it is that you will have to scramble at the last minute. Consider booking entertainment, seating, staging, exhibitors, speakers and staff at least nine months out. This not only ensures you are on their calendar, but also offers time to make a deposit and then pay in full closer to the event, once you’ve had time to wrangle in exhibitor and sponsorship dollars.

Anticipate All Scenarios

When you are planning a corporate event, anticipate the best—and worst—scenario. In event planning, anything that can go wrong usually does. If you have thought through those scenarios and anticipated solutions well ahead of time, you can thwart issues that threaten your event’s success.

Think Outside of the Box

Even corporate events allow room for creativity. When you come up with event components, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. For example, a marketing seminar might feature a scavenger hunt where participants have to find certain random objects and determine the best way to market the odd assortment of items together. An advertising client event might boast large screen television installations playing loops of the client’s TV ads. There are many ways that you can add pizzazz to a corporate event, while sticking with its core purpose.

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Year End Functions

| Articles | August 22, 2012

In today’s tough economic climate, many companies are trying to scaling down on their year end functions or forgoing them altogether.

For many companies it has been a long standing tradition to hold a year end function. If one is not held, it can often lead to dissent amongst the staff. Staff members can often feel cheated out of having a fun function; feel that the company is being cheap; the company does not care about them; doesn’t appreciate their efforts during the year; or even that the company is in such serious financial straits that they are not even having a party.

As most economists will tell you, it is vital that companies make every effort to ensure that their staff are happy & looked after & are given no reason to want to leave.

If a company is considering downscaling or not having a party at all, it needs to seriously consider the impact this will have on staff moral.

A few options that may be considered as alternatives are; taking the team on a teambuilding exercise followed by a barbeque; a sailing trip or even having a breakfast. This way a company is coupling the experience with teambuilding and cutting down on the whole bill, as generally less alcohol is consumed.

If you are wanting to do something a bit different with your team, or budget is a concern, give us a call as we may be able to suggest the perfect alternative!

A great time to hold an event!

Even in these financially tough times, it is still vital for companies to hold events, especially product launches, client functions & staff training. While companies do not want to be seen as being too lavish, they must also be seen as being buoyant enough to be weathering the recession.

And thanks to the recession, now is a great time to hold a company event.

There are many event suppliers on our website, who are looking for business in an industry which has seen a big drop in the number of Corporate events. This gives you the perfect opportunity to negotiate a great deal on your company event. While it still has to be in the suppliers financial interest to do business, most are far more negotiable than they would have been 12 months ago. They know that if they do not negotiate, their competition will!

If you would like advice on how to put on a great company event, without it costing a fortune, get in touch with us, we will be happy to assist.

Business Events get smart!

We have seen a trend developing in the way businesses are now holding events. From product launches to teambuilding, staff training to client entertaining, companies are getting smart about how they hold business events & functions!

This time last year we saw companies hosting lavish events & functions in many of the top hotels & venues in and around the city, now we are seeing those same companies utilizing their own boardrooms & offices to promote, entertain, train & motivate staff & clients. And why not? especially those companies which have invested in their buildings & premises, it makes sense to get optimal use of those facilities.

The great thing about utilizing ones own space as a venue, is that there are plenty of good suppliers whose products & services can be brought in to deliver all the other aspects that make up an event, everything including: hiring, catering, AV equipment, entertainers, motivators, keynote speakers, & more.

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Oopsie Daisy

| Promotions | August 2, 2012

Request a quotation from us and get 10% discount when placing your order…

View our profile

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Three Ways to Build Hype around Celebrity Speakers

| Articles | July 27, 2012

It can be difficult to contain your excitement once you have booked celebrity speakers for your event. You may want to shout it from the rooftops and plaster it all over your invitations. As tempting as this may be, it is an urge that must be resisted.

Here are three ways you can build hype around your celebrity speakers, thus ensuring they have the full effect they can on your audience.

1.    Keep Their Identity Secret

An excellent way to build hype around the celebrity speakers you have booked for your event is to keep their identity a bit of a secret. You may want to inform guests that there are ‘special celebrity speakers’ present but tell them no more. This will create a buzz and huge amounts of anticipation over which speaker it is that you have booked. No doubt the room will be rife with rumours about who the celebrity speakers are. You may want to spread a few rumours about who the speakers are, to add to the hype.

2.    Create a Twitter # Tag

Nowadays, if you’re not trending on Twitter, you are not really trending at all. Make sure that your conference has a clear Twitter hash tag and that it is promoted to guests. It is a good idea to get the ball rolling with a few tweets early on. Make sure you maintain the momentum before, during and after the event.

Twitter can be used as a means of adding to the speculation surrounding the celebrity speakers at your event. It can also be used to gage the opinion of the guests on how the event is going and if any improvements can be made.

3.    Save the best ‘til last

Chances are your celebrity speakers will be the highlight of your event. If you have them on first then there is a chance that everything that comes after them will have a ‘after the Lord Mayor’s show’ feel about it.

Make sure everything that happens at your event builds toward the climax of the celebrity speakers. Your audience will then be chomping at the bit for them at the end of the night. You can them wheel them out and satisfy the anticipation that you have created.

If you’re looking to book a speaker for your next event, feel free to browse our website that offers almost 300 speakers, including comedians, keynote speakers, MC’s, Motivational / Inspirational Speakers and Entertainers.

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Team Building: Why is it so Important?

| Articles | July 27, 2012

Due to factors like the communications revolution, the global market and the ever-increasing specialization and division of labour, modern society has become extremely fluid and dynamic. Individuals are now required to move between many different groups of people in their working and also personal lives. All kinds of people from investment bankers to catering staff and session musicians face the same difficulties. Hence the need for techniques to help people adapt to the new requirements and get on well in a new group.

The method which is widely applied in various organizations is known as team building. Team building refers to the process of establishing and developing a greater sense of cooperation and trust between team members. Interactive exercises, team assessments, and group discussions enable groups to cultivate this greater sense of teamwork.

Needless to say that, the proper functioning and successful development of any company or organization largely depends on teamwork efficiency. Good team relationships can make it into a productive group with great morale and motivation. Therefore, team building activities are aimed at improving communication and collaboration skills within and between groups of people working together.

As team building has to do with cooperation, bridge building, planning, and effective use of resources, the benefits team building activities may bring are countless: improvement in planning skills, problem solving, decision making, time management, friendly competition, personal confidence, morale, etc.

Team activities help the team in self-assessment which is very important for improving the ways of further collaboration within the group. Team activities allow for defining the team’s current strengths and weaknesses, identifying any gap between the desired state and the actual state, and designing a gap-closure strategy.

Team games and exercises simulating real life situations (e.g. those focused on practicing clear communication and developing keys to trust during challenging and confusing times or learning to accomplish the goal with a tight timeline) are both useful and fun. Thus, learning to work together and act as a team may be enjoyable.

One of the best team building ideas besides a variety of popular team games and exercises is team holiday activities. By stimulating dialogue about how team members work together and provoking challenges to be overcome through trust and co-operation, such team holiday activities or events as cycling, horse riding, paintball, canoeing, safari, etc. may contribute a lot to a more efficient interaction among the members of the team. Holiday activities may also serve as perfect icebreakers. Meanwhile the pleasant impressions, positive emotions and the adventures experienced during the holidays spent together will turn to shared memories…

If your looking for ideas or companies to help you with team building activities, look no further. Event Source offers companies with wealth of experience and knowledge in matching the best team building activities to your company’s requirements. click here to team building listings

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Food and Beverage Concerns

| Articles | June 26, 2012

As a general rule, meetings go more smoothly when food is available for guests. Not only does it provide your guests with an opportunity to rest and refresh themselves, but also opens another window for company networking. However, there are some important aspects of food planning that should not be overlooked. Follow the advice below to ensure a perfect presentation of well-planned cuisine.

Make the food fit your purpose. If the event calls for several short meetings throughout the day, having a snack table constantly available at the back of the room would be a wise idea. However, if the event calls for a more upscale evening, you need to think gourmet buffet or a fancy sit down dinner. Depending on what effect the food is to have on your guests, it is important to decide early on whether food is going to play a major or minor role in your event.

Always know the budget. Be realistic as to what your company can afford in terms of food and beverage costs. If this is the smallest area of the allotted budget, you may have to save the gourmet buffet for another day and go for the snack table instead. There are always ways to make a food table look fancier by adding decorative arrangements and multi-level serving platters.

Knowing what your venue offers. When deciding on food services, know what type of help will be available at your chosen facility. Will you have access to a kitchen? Does the venue have an in-house catering team or will you need to bring in an outside catering company? These are all important questions to ask up front. Alternative venues often have little to offer as far as food services are concerned, so plan ahead to make special arrangements.

Cater to your guests. If everyone liked the same type of food, restaurants wouldn’t offer so many choices on the menu. Your guests are bound to have different likes and dislikes, so it is important to cater to the tastes of different groups of people. Be sure to always include vegetarian options, as well as some low fat and low cholesterol meals. If serving a sit down meal, it is helpful to ask in advance if there are any special accommodations your guests will need. Chefs are usually more than happy to provide some alternative dishes if given enough prior notice.

Know when to serve. Although not the main focus of your event, the food can become a large ordeal and an appropriate time should be allotted for the serving and consuming of your provided meal. This is prime time for socialising and networking with other employees. Try to serve the food at a distinct break between meetings or speeches and not during the break of a discussion on a single topic. Let the snack time be a time of relaxation, not a timed break before quickly getting back to business. If you are allowing a small break from a meeting for basic snacks, never give more than thirty minutes and provide the food in a location very close to the meeting room.

Stick to these rules and any of your food concerns can be put to rest.

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Indoor & Outdoor Event Tips

| Articles | June 26, 2012

When considering possible venues to hold your event or function, it is necessary to match the venue in which the event is being held with the actual event taking place. The setting you chose will inevitably create the mood of your function. By considering all of the following, you will be in a perfect position to accurately determine what setting is right for you.


 Outdoor Events- Although outdoor events can be tempting to plan, especially during the spring and summer months, it is always important to consider the possible downfalls of being unable to control Mother Nature. The possibility of even the tiniest amount of rain falling should always be in the back of your mind. Having a portable rain canopy available is always a good idea. Another point to consider is the instability of the ground (including possible holes, unevenness of ground level, and softness of soil), which can be a poor choice for more formal occasions where women may be wearing heeled shoes.

It can be difficult to make presentations outdoors, as it is nearly impossible to project a voice in the open as well as one can in an enclosed space. Display screens are also difficult to set up outside, and can be difficult to manage if the wind picks up. As a guideline, try to avoid holding any formal event or important meeting outside. If you wish to take advantage of the good weather, try renting an outdoor patio as well as the adjoining conference room. That way food can be served and free time spent in the open air, while more structured events can be well prepared inside.

There are, however, more appropriate times to hold out of doors events for your company. Informal events such as barbecues, picnics, and customer appreciation days are wonderful opportunities to come together and get to know one another on a more casual level. These types of events often require less work on your part, as disposable flatware and silverware are easy to clean up and dispose. Barbecues and picnics leave you the option of providing the catering or implementing a potluck style buffet. If you are on a tight budget, outdoor events are the way to go. It is often less costly to rent out a park or picnic area, and food costs can be almost eliminated. If you wish to serve alcohol at the event, be sure to check into the company’s liability exposure and licensing requirements related to the dispensing of liquor well before the event takes place.

When hosting outdoor events, make sure to provide maps to the location, with instructions to the specific area of the facility where the event will be held. Parks are often large, with more than one picnic or barbecue area. Placing signs in conspicuous places along the path from the parking lot is always a good idea. Along with signs to the event, always make signs pointing to the nearest bathroom. As a rule, make sure you have one bathroom available per 50 guests at the event. If the facility looks like it is inadequate to cover the number of people, consider bringing in portable toilets for the event.

Indoor Events- When the occasion calls for an indoor venue, keep in mind that convention centres and conference rooms are not your only option. To create a fun and interesting atmosphere, consider other large available spaces, such as restaurants, movie theatres, museums, art galleries, an aquarium, a nightclub, the racetrack, or even a boat. This is a good way to liven up the atmosphere while still having full control of the environment.

If you do choose to go with a larger hotel or conference centre, it is likely that yours will not be the only event of the evening. Be sure to check into what other events will be held at the same time and take appropriate precautions to ensure that your guests are informed as to the correct room for your event. Make sure the room you book has enough tables and chairs to seat everyone comfortably. It is wise to get the room’s inventory in writing in case of any disputes on the day of the event.

As far as decorations go, always ask what is permissible at the locations. Not all venues will let you hang decorations on the walls or ceiling, and some don’t allow helium balloons. Be sure to inquire about any other regulations the building may have that will restrict what can take place in the room.

Parking your car at a formal event should not be a stressful endeavour. In order to avoid possible parking dilemmas, make sure the facility you are renting has adequate parking available. Try negotiating a flat rate for your guests and make them aware of the price for parking before the event. If at all possible, consider having valet parking for those that desire it.

Lastly, arrive several hours before your guests in order to ensure that everything is going as planned. If it is not, you will still have time for damage control. When your guests arrive, you should be poised and ready to host your event, not making last minute changes and concessions.

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Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events

| Articles | March 27, 2012

Entertainment in a corporate sector is just as important as the work of employees. Without fun events and social gatherings, an office would become a place of utter boredom. This has a negative impact on the performance of employees and the growth of the company. The corporate world becomes a great place to work when work and fun are blended in the correct proportion. Organizing get together parties and outings at least once a month would effectively serve the purpose. This livens up the spirit within employees, instills a sense of co-operation and mutual trust and above all, they are motivated to work. Here’s a few corporate event entertainment ideas, you can implement at your company:

Office Parties
Office parties should be organized at least once a month. People love to deck up and enter elegantly in such social gatherings. Companies having separate zones for organizing parties come up with many entertaining ideas to make the party truly rocking. Whether it’s a beer party or playing music along with dance retains flavour of such parties. Calling for a D.J night, karaoke and throwing a dance party is truly sensed as a corporate entertainment party. Apart from this, good food and exotic drinks would add on to the element of fun.

Team Building Activities
Knowing the importance of team building, companies should try to arrange them at least every 3 to 4 months. Working in a team, helping and bonding with each other is essential for progression of work and enjoying the work. This is possible only if employees interact with each other during leisure hours or participate in the team building activities. Playing different types of ice breaker games and bonding activities improves ones relationship with others. Group games like, one minute shows, memory games, passing the parcel offer good source of entertainment. The options are plenty and employees should conduct meetings for planning the team building activities effectively.

Occasional Trips
Almost every company organizes short trips for their employees. With adequate funding, companies plan for 3-4 days outings and the enjoyment is completely taken care of. This way the ephemeral trips prove to be wonderful holidays. In some places, taking families are also allowed which is perhaps the best arrangement. Even a night out or an outing to some nearby tourist spots is enjoyable. Winter picnics and monsoon train dance sessions at specific locations are loved by everyone. This way people get the opportunity to interact with each other. A day of movie planned with the entire community is also entertaining.

Outdoor Adventures
Some section of people would definitely be passionate about outdoor adventures while the rest love to relish the fun. Going for camping or a short trip to theme parks or national heritage sites is one of the best corporate event entertainment ideas. Other options include arranging for outdoor scavenger hunt games, cruise rides and visiting sport hubs where everyone can enjoy. Setting out for trekking in groups is also great fun. Preparations and funding required are definitely huge and in most of the cases, companies bear the expenses if it’s within the budget.

Talent Competitions
How will people know about your hidden talents until you expose them? And for this, most corporate sectors come up with talent competitions to encourage employees for presenting their talents and skills. Annual sports days, painting, photography and cultivating different types of hobbies on fun days are organized by companies. It could be a music, dance or sports competition as well. This way you come to know the creative skills and talents of your peers and colleagues.

Food Fairs
Not only epicureans enjoy food festivals but people having inherent culinary skills love to showcase their royally cooked dishes in food fairs. Although one of the most common corporate event ideas, participating in food fest and enjoying the variety of flavors is a great fun. Stalls are set up on entertainment zones and people are assigned with the task of cooking a specific dish. Different themes, like Chinese, Thai, Indian, French, Italian, African, etc., are allotted for the foods. In a diverse country and companies in South Africa  this will be a great way for collegues to learn to know more about each other’s cultures. The entire day is spent savoring tastes of authentic cuisines.

Believe it or not, corporate events are great stress relievers. People working in corporate world can only perceive the significance of such entertainment packages. The ideas given forth in this article are some of the best options for having fun.

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Event vs Wedding Catering

| Articles | March 27, 2012

Most event catering companies will market their services for weddings and a wide variety of events. Yet, it’s critical to find a caterer whose experience, knowledge, and infrastructure matches your catering needs. Often, wedding catering is a more expensive service than other catering services. Some companies may simply charge more for a wedding because they know people and families are more willing to expand their budgets for this occasion. That said, more tangible factors may very well be behind these cost discrepancies.

Take, for example, a wedding cake. Anybody who pays attention to the pricing practices of bakeries knows that two cakes of comparable size and complexity may have different price tags, if one of them is for a wedding and the other is for a 75th birthday. This could be an example of surcharging, but it could also involve some degree of service add-ons. Unlike other occasions, the wedding cake usually requires a decorative cake stand and a more intensive delivery and set-up protocol. If you’re hiring this service for a wedding, you may want to look for a bakery that provides “complimentary” set-up service. If you’re looking for a large, elaborate cake for a different event, you should look for a bakery that offers a discount for parties that don’t require this level of service. With this in mind, you should ask probing questions of your event catering service company to get the best value for your money.

How to Find High-Quality Event Catering Services
The golden rule: Look early and long. You can find local caterers in the phone book, through online directories, or through an Internet referral service, like Event Source. Local caterers are usually easy to find; the trick is knowing how to eliminate unreliable caterers and how to choose the best one for your event. Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior, so you need to do your homework and actively seek out customer referrals. Don’t just ask, Were they good? Get details about how the caterer handled each part of the event planning and catering service. Look for ways in which this previous customer’s event was similar to or different from your upcoming event.

This “looking long” at past behavior should ensure you find a high-quality local caterer, but “looking early” is just as important for people working within a strict budget. You’re not the only one throwing a party that weekend, and if you wait too long the best catering services are going to be fully booked. This can create a certain amount of tension and stress: You need to book early enough to get a good price on a quality caterer, but you also need to wait long enough to create a reliable accounting of what you can expect from your caterer before you sign a contract. And you should insist on signing a contract: If things fall apart, a contract may become the deciding factor in allowing you to seek redress. This contract should also put your caterer’s mind at ease that you will pay for the catering service in a reliable and timely manner.

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Running Successful Company Events

| Articles | March 2, 2012

Running successful company events has proved elusive for many companies. The fact is that it doesn’t matter how big or small you want the business event to be, as it is possible to run such an event successfully. However, it is also important to note that a lot of planning must be done if you wish to run a successful event. Here are a few pointers on how to run a successful business event;

1. Where ever possible, involve the employees in organizing the event. You can do this by getting employees to share their ideas on the venue as well as the activities that they would like incorporated into the business event. This will go a long way in ensuring that they all have a wonderful time. You should also identify the agenda of the company event. There is always an agenda behind every event that is held.

2. Always have a Budget – Never organize any company event without budgeting for it as doing this will only make it flop. Budgeting enables you determine what to include in the program. For example, do not plan to have employees stay overnight if there is no money to cater for their accommodation.

3. Make Reservations early  - especially if the company event is being held off-side. This will prevent disappointments that may arise once you realize that you cannot secure a venue of your choice because it is fully booked.

4. If provision is made for people to eat during the company event, then you should get in touch with a caterer to ensure that this happens without a hitch. PS: you can find caterers right here on our website.

5. How will employees get to the venue? This calls for you to organize transport prior to the actual date of the company event. Bear this in mind when choosing a venue – the venue needs to be easily accessible.

6. Think of interesting activities that members will be involved with during the company event. You should for example decide whether presentations will be made and by whom. If you expect to have presentations, then you should try to choose speakers that are compelling and respected.

It is possible to run a successful business event if you plan properly. Such planning should be done in good time to avoid a last minute rush that may leave members all too tired to do much on the actual day of the company event.

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