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Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events

| Articles | March 27, 2012

Entertainment in a corporate sector is just as important as the work of employees. Without fun events and social gatherings, an office would become a place of utter boredom. This has a negative impact on the performance of employees and the growth of the company. The corporate world becomes a great place to work when work and fun are blended in the correct proportion. Organizing get together parties and outings at least once a month would effectively serve the purpose. This livens up the spirit within employees, instills a sense of co-operation and mutual trust and above all, they are motivated to work. Here’s a few corporate event entertainment ideas, you can implement at your company:

Office Parties
Office parties should be organized at least once a month. People love to deck up and enter elegantly in such social gatherings. Companies having separate zones for organizing parties come up with many entertaining ideas to make the party truly rocking. Whether it’s a beer party or playing music along with dance retains flavour of such parties. Calling for a D.J night, karaoke and throwing a dance party is truly sensed as a corporate entertainment party. Apart from this, good food and exotic drinks would add on to the element of fun.

Team Building Activities
Knowing the importance of team building, companies should try to arrange them at least every 3 to 4 months. Working in a team, helping and bonding with each other is essential for progression of work and enjoying the work. This is possible only if employees interact with each other during leisure hours or participate in the team building activities. Playing different types of ice breaker games and bonding activities improves ones relationship with others. Group games like, one minute shows, memory games, passing the parcel offer good source of entertainment. The options are plenty and employees should conduct meetings for planning the team building activities effectively.

Occasional Trips
Almost every company organizes short trips for their employees. With adequate funding, companies plan for 3-4 days outings and the enjoyment is completely taken care of. This way the ephemeral trips prove to be wonderful holidays. In some places, taking families are also allowed which is perhaps the best arrangement. Even a night out or an outing to some nearby tourist spots is enjoyable. Winter picnics and monsoon train dance sessions at specific locations are loved by everyone. This way people get the opportunity to interact with each other. A day of movie planned with the entire community is also entertaining.

Outdoor Adventures
Some section of people would definitely be passionate about outdoor adventures while the rest love to relish the fun. Going for camping or a short trip to theme parks or national heritage sites is one of the best corporate event entertainment ideas. Other options include arranging for outdoor scavenger hunt games, cruise rides and visiting sport hubs where everyone can enjoy. Setting out for trekking in groups is also great fun. Preparations and funding required are definitely huge and in most of the cases, companies bear the expenses if it’s within the budget.

Talent Competitions
How will people know about your hidden talents until you expose them? And for this, most corporate sectors come up with talent competitions to encourage employees for presenting their talents and skills. Annual sports days, painting, photography and cultivating different types of hobbies on fun days are organized by companies. It could be a music, dance or sports competition as well. This way you come to know the creative skills and talents of your peers and colleagues.

Food Fairs
Not only epicureans enjoy food festivals but people having inherent culinary skills love to showcase their royally cooked dishes in food fairs. Although one of the most common corporate event ideas, participating in food fest and enjoying the variety of flavors is a great fun. Stalls are set up on entertainment zones and people are assigned with the task of cooking a specific dish. Different themes, like Chinese, Thai, Indian, French, Italian, African, etc., are allotted for the foods. In a diverse country and companies in South Africa  this will be a great way for collegues to learn to know more about each other’s cultures. The entire day is spent savoring tastes of authentic cuisines.

Believe it or not, corporate events are great stress relievers. People working in corporate world can only perceive the significance of such entertainment packages. The ideas given forth in this article are some of the best options for having fun.

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