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Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions

  1. Event Source’s Loyalty program is operated and and managed by Event Source or its subsidiaries in the respective branches. 
  2. Participating service providers  in Event Source’s Loyalty Programme are all companies listed on the Event Source Website, with the acception of a few suppliers. Loyalty points can be earned and redeemed by booking services through Event Source’s website and office. Service providers can be added or removed at Event Source’s discretion.
  3. The Event Source Loyalty Programme is not open to any permanent or casual employee or family member of the business or Management of the company.
  4. For all existing Event Source customers who become members of the Event Source loyalty Programme, Event Source will own and have the right to market to you, communicate with you and share your personal information with its business partners for the purposes of marketing goods and services, unless you have chosen to opt out at any time.
  5. If you are not currently registered to be part of the Event Source Rewards program and would like to become a member of the Programme, you will need to complete the necessary application form and submit this – including your company details, telephone or cellphone contact number and postal address.
  6. It is incumbent upon members to ensure that their personal and contact details are correct at all times in order to receive Event Source Loyalty program offers and promotions. If you change your contact details and do not inform Event Source, the company cannot be held responsible if you do not receive your personalised offers. You must inform us of any change of contact details by contacting our office on 012 751 2426 or loyalty@eventsource.co.za.
  7. Event Source reserves the right to terminate the programme at any time, subject to a 30 day notice period.
  8. Should Event Source terminate the programme for any reason whatsoever, customers will be duly notified and have the opportunity to spend their points within 3 months of date of termination of the programme.
  9. Your Points may not be be exchanged for cash or credit; and no change will be given on points redeemed and used as a trade discount against the purchase of services.
  10. Points earned on one customers account may not be transferred to another.
  11. Points may not be sold or transferred to another party.
  12. Abuse of the programme entitles Event Source to cancel your membership and you will forfeit any rewards points earned. Event Source reserves the right to lay criminal charges for illegal or fraudulent use of the card or programme.
  13. Participating suppliers in the Event Source Network may use your purchasing information in conjunction with information about you provided by third parties, for market and product analysis in order to generate statistical reports for internal and external use. These reports are aggregated and will not contain any personal information that identifies you.
  14. Event Source may use your personal information to conduct a credit bureau check for the potential purpose of offering you an account if you do not already have one.  
  15. Customers may only earn and spend points in the territory in which the Event Source Network exists. 
  16. Event Source reserves the right to direct certain promotions to a specific target group only. For example, Event Source may make specific offers available to certain customers in Cape Town only.   
  17. Event Source Rewards may only be used in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
  18. Event Source reserves the right to make changes to the loyalty programme and to amend the programme’s Terms and Conditions as they see fit. 
Earning Loyalty Points
  1. Points will be earned for purchases of all inclusive products.
  2. To earn points through the Event Source Network, you must direct your enquiry through Event Source (website, email or office), quote your account number when enquiring and paying for services provided by our network of suppliers.
  3. If you do not quote your account number when making enquiries, no points will be earned for that purchase. 
  4. Certain products and channels are exempt from earning points and Event Source may amend these products or channels from time to time at their discretion.
    • You will not earn points on catering services, 3rd party services offered by our service providers – including but not limited to – non commissionable products and services offered by Event Source suppliers.
    • To avoid disappointment, please enquire with our sales staff.
  5. Base Event Source Points are earned on all inclusive products at a rate of 10 (ten) points per net SA Rand* spent. This applies for all tender types (cash, account, debit card, credit card.
  6. During any double points and other events, both in store and online, existing points promotions will not be multiplied and bonus points will be applied only to the base points earned on the product.
  7. Bonus points may be earned or awarded at Event Source’s discretion and campaign criteria and spend thresholds must be satisfied.
  8. Loyalty Points earned may, in addition to these Terms & Conditions be subject to the Terms & Conditions of the Event Source suppliers concerned.
  9. Event Source reserves the right to change the earning rate and/or value of points at any time, at its discretion. Due notice will be given of any changes.
Spending Loyalty Points
  1. Once your points balance reaches 10,000 points, you will be able to spend your points by quoting your account number, when making enquiries and bookings through Event Source and advising the consultant you wish to use points as a trade discount against your cash or account purchase. Your points balance will be reduced by the equivalent value spent.
  2. Upon collecting your first 10,000 points you will be able to use your points as a trade discount against purchases at participating stores’ till points. (10,000 points are equal to R10 trade discount against a future purchase.) You are not obliged to redeem points upon gathering 10,000 points. You can save as many as you wish within the points expiry period of 24 months.
  3. Points can be redeemed in respect of some of our suppliers / service providers, but not in respect of all. To avoid disappointment, please enquire with our sales staff.
  4. Certain products are exempt from redemption and Event Source may amend this list from time to time at its discretion.
  5. Customer points balances and points redemption information will be available via email and will only be sent to the account holder’s registered email address. 
  6. Event Source reserves the right to change the conversion value of points at any time, at its discretion. Due notice will be given of any changes.
  7. Points redemption is subject to online system availability.
Validity of Loyalty Points
  1. Event Source reserves the right to purge the points on any Account that has been inactive (i.e. no points earned or redeemed) for a period of 12 (twelve) consecutive months.
  2. All Points earned but not redeemed within 24 (twenty four) months will be subject to automatic expiry.
  3. Points earned for transactions where goods are later returned or services cancelled, will be deducted from your points balance on your Event Source Account.
  4. Event Source at their sole discretion may choose to boost your points balance for a limited period from time to time. Any extra points not used within the time limit will be removed from your balance at the end of the promotion.
  5. You may cancel your membership of the programme at any time by calling our Customer Services Care Line on 012 751 2426 or via email to loyalty@eventsource.co.za. When exiting the programme you will forfeit any points already earned but not yet redeemed.
  6. Upon death of a Member or changes in company representatives, written notification must be provided to Event Source, upon receipt of which the account will be closed and the points forfeited. This can be done by contacting our office.
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